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Scam alert! New health care law creates an easy target for some criminals.

April 20, 2010

An article published by the Associated Press revealed that there has been a sudden increase of scams involving bogus health insurance policies after President Barak Obama signed the new healthcare law March 23.

“Some of the hustlers are going door to door claiming there’s a limited open-enrollment period to buy health insurance now.”

This is not the first time scam artists have attempted to charm innocent people into purchasing phony medical insurance.  According to an article in BusinessWeek, the Tennessee state insurance commission took control of two companies last month that were under investigation for selling bogus major-medical insurance policies to individuals – some with critical conditions in need of serious medical treatment and had not been able to find coverage elsewhere.

Several of those individuals scammed live close to home.  According to Insurance Commissioner Kim Holland in an article on, “The company has collected about $14 million in premiums nationwide, Holland said. More than 12,000 people, including as many as 100 in Oklahoma, have signed up for the plan.”

Click here to view one Oklahoma woman’s story.

Our Advice: Contact a local insurance agent before enrolling in any type of insurance – especially if you are not familiar with the company that is offering coverage.

Don’t want a sales pitch? Contact an independent broker who can get quotes from all insurance carriers that do business in the state of Oklahoma.  Speaking with an independent broker or insurance agent will cost you nothing, and could save you money by shopping around with multiple carriers.  The best part is, you never pay them for their services or time because they are contracted with the various insurance companies.  Most will have your best interest in mind, which means finding you the best coverage that your budget can handle.

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