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Introducing… ISO Financial Services

March 12, 2012

Thank you for visiting our blog! You may have noticed that it has been quite some time since our last posting. That is because we have some VERY exciting news here at EBA! We would like to introduce you to our in-house sister company, ISO Financial Services. Not only can we handle your benefit administration, we can also provide individuals and groups with solutions to help them reach their financial goals!


We know that you have worked very hard to build your wealth and that is why we have established ISO Financial Services. Through strategic planning and expert advice, you can have peace of mind in knowing that what you’ve earned and care so much about is protected. ISO’s team of experts help guarantee the best management of your personal portfolio; while EBA continues to help manage your employee benefits.  


Your ISO professionals have access to a wide array of protection products and financial vehicles; from Life Insurance to Disability Insurance, IRA’s to Annuities; we help get you where you want to go.


Rarely do you find a “one-stop shop” company that can provide all the services and products that EBA and ISO can provide. We can help with:

  • Buy-Sell Agreements- Ensure the orderly succession of a multi-owner business in the unfortunate event of a long-term disability or loss of life.
  • Executive Bonus Planning- We’ll give you options enabling you to retain your key employees and attract new talent by offering an executive benefits package.
  • Succession Planning- Solutions that help protect the continuity of your business on your terms.
  • Life Insurance (Permanent/Term)- Leave a legacy that will help secure your family’s future. Our comprehensive life insurance strategies will help you prepare today for whatever comes tomorrow. Be the change in your family tree.
  • Disability Income Strategies- Help protect yourself and your family should you lose your ability to earn an income.
  • Long Term Care- Meets both the medical and non-medical needs of aging individuals, individuals with chronic illness, and disabled individuals. Helps to maintain your standard of living and provide financial assistance for your care.
  • Financial Planning- Help you discover strategies designed to maximize your investments, giving consideration to tax and cost implications, as well as risk and expected performance.


Let us show you all the choices you have when it comes to managing your financial portfolios. Contact us today to discuss your personal and business needs. We look forward to talking to you soon!

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